i am a writer

“What do you do, anyway?”

I get this question a lot. If I say I’m a writer, the person asking often envisions me sitting and pecking away at the Great American Novel. That’s not at all what I do.

For a while, I called myself a “freelance copywriter,” but then someone asked me if that means that I help people copyright their own works. Mmm, no….

Now I don’t give myself a title. Instead, I describe the types of tasks I often take on. My spiel goes something like this:

I work with small businesses to write content for their websites or blogs. Sometimes I write the copy for brochures and direct-mail pieces. I also work with people who want to be writers, teaching them the ropes and helping them build portfolios.

That is accurate, simple, and makes a good elevator speech.

“So… what can you do for me?”

I’m so glad that you’ve asked! What I can do for you depends on whether you’re a small business owner (or a large business owner, but for the most part, I usually work with smaller companies) or someone who wants to start a business as a freelance writer.

Business Owners

If you own a business already and need some help getting excellent, relevant and engaging content up on your site, you’re in the right place. I can write your home page, your secondary pages, and landing pages. (Please note that I do not build websites. I can help you get your own free website going so you can get started, but I’m not a web designer.)

I can also help you with your blog. For some people, this means brainstorming and coming up with topics and an effective editorial calendar. For others, this entails planning topics, writing the posts, finding appropriate images, and posting them to a WordPress blog platform. Along with that, I can write social media posts, too. It’s up to you. I work with each client individually to be sure that the work I do is exactly what the person needs.

Freelance Writers

Have you been wondering how you can work from home on your very own freelance writing business? I’ve been doing it since 2008, and I have a pretty successful business going, so I’m happy to help! I offer a course called, So, You Want to Be a Freelance Writer. This is an email course, and it comes with lessons, assignments, and feedback. At the end, your completed assignments will become your online portfolio, so you will be ready to start marketing yourself to potential clients!

Thanks for stopping by! Please email me for more information.